Holiday Greeting

Currier and Ives - Central Park

Currier and Ives Christmas Card

Today we have more ways than ever to communicate. I overheard a conversation recently about the dwindling tradition of sending Christmas cards. A man said, “e-cards have made traditional cards obsolete.” I don’t agree. First of all, even in this day of ubiquitous social media, some people don’t have email. Second, you can’t decorate your mantle with emails. Well, you could, but it wouldn’t have quite the same charm as Currier & Ives. Okay, I’m dating myself. And I’m not really that old. (Some of you won’t even know who Currier & Ives are. Think classic winter scenes…) Weaker still than e-cards would be the blanket greeting via a status update on Facebook or a tweet to those who happen to follow you on Twitter.
There is still a place in many hearts for a traditional printed Christmas card. Although I will admit that when they are not even personalized or signed by the sender they lack the warmth that they ostensibly were meant to convey.
It’s like the paperless society… its predicted, planned and imagined, but alas we are not there yet. Let’s let Christmas cards be one of the last hold-outs for paper.

About Wendy L. Goldstein

A career communications professional with a deep interest in communications theory, traditional communication, social media and emerging communications technologies, Wendy L. Goldstein offers public relations, marketing and business communication services through WLG Communication,
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