Who’s Talking About You??

Aggregator Social Media IconsMany of the websites that you view, chock full of content, are really just aggregators, or collectors, of information from elsewhere on the web. Popular aggregator sites include mashable.com for all things cool and trendy, stumbleupon.com for curated articles about your specified interests, and digg.com for a wide range of news and information. But did you know that your business is probably included in numerous aggregator web sites? And that they don’t check with you or need your permission; they just pull information off the web? Yelp is a great example. If you have a brick and mortar business, chances are you are on Yelp, where clients can praise you or pan you depending on their experience (and perhaps mood). Manta.com, and YellowPages.com offer comprehensive regional business directories all created from other sources. Sure, YellowPages also has paid advertisers, who get premium placement and get to control their content, but they also cull information from the web to beef up their offerings and increase the utility of their site, making it more attractive to advertisers and shoppers. And Mapquest.com curates “nearby businesses” from Yelp! Even Angie’s List may have a listing for your company or service that you don’t even know about. And Google, of course, is the world’s greatest aggregator of information. Search for your business on Google and with any luck a box will pop up on the right side of the results page. And with not luck but careful management of your online presence, the information will even be correct! For all of these reasons, it is important that businesses have a current and accurate online presence, and that they go out and claim and correct all of these unofficial but highly visible listings. If you need help with that, drop me an email. I can help you get your online presence under control!

About Wendy L. Goldstein

A career communications professional with a deep interest in communications theory, traditional communication, social media and emerging communications technologies, Wendy L. Goldstein offers public relations, marketing and business communication services through WLG Communication, www.wlgcommunication.com.
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