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When Harry Met Sally… in the Board Room

Recently the New York Times published an article  about whether or not it’s perceived as appropriate for a man and woman to meet inside the workplace and out, even including car rides to meetings in the mix. The article cites … Continue reading

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Who’s Talking About You??

Many of the websites that you view, chock full of content, are really just aggregators, or collectors, of information from elsewhere on the web. Popular aggregator sites include for all things cool and trendy, for curated articles about your … Continue reading

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And We Thought Email Posed a Privacy Threat

We worry these days about compromises to our privacy thanks to the internet, social media, digital cookies and search engines that track and record our activity. Is your email secure? Will someone you know read it? Will someone you don’t … Continue reading

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Religious Freedom or Anti-Gay Segregation?

The use of language intrigues me. There is an article on titled “Mississippi’s Anti-Gay Segregation Bill Got Unanimous Bipartisan Support.” It refers to Mississippi’s Senate Bill 2681. This bill is officially known as the “Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act.” The … Continue reading

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Worry Much?

I texted a friend who is having major life problems. “How r u?” I asked “I’m in a mtg w the guy downstairs,” he replied. oh my God, he feels like he is in hell, I worried. And then I … Continue reading

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Do Clowns Communicate Evil?

A story has been circulating on social media, “Evil Clown Stalks Northampton, England.” The story begins, “The sinister clown that has been appearing on Northampton’s streets made another visitation last night. He was pictured in his trademark white make-up and red wig … Continue reading

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Content Marketing and the Future of the Internet

Every minute, 600 new websites are generated; 48 hours of video are uploaded onto YouTube; and 600,000 pieces of content are shared on Facebook. And that does not even begin to scratch the surface of online data generation ( “Content marketing” has … Continue reading

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The Afterlife: Courtesy of Facebook

Last year, a friend of mine went through one of those phases in life when there is a class reunion and a bunch of people from a bunch of years ago reconnect. The Facebook “Friend Requests” were flying afterward and … Continue reading

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Paper or Digital for College Students? The Answer May Surprise You

In the first class of the semester last week, the time came to review the syllabus. We were in a computer lab because it’s a writing class and the students write and edit materials in real-time as if they were … Continue reading

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Is There a Place for Social Media in Public Health?

When I was doing my Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree in Non-Profit Management at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University (now LIU-Post), I did a Master’s Thesis project titled Use of Social Media in Healthcare Administration. It … Continue reading

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